Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grandma's old crock bowl

           When we went to visit my Aunt Glenda last week, she is 102, she gave me this Bowl. It would have been her Mothers, so my Grandma.  I remember it always being in the kitchen. Since we were both brought up in the same farm house, we have a lot of the same memories. Anyway I now keep it on my stove with the potholders in it. Aunt Glenda also gave me the yellow bowl sometime ago. I keep a few on my kitchen towels in there. Easy to grab if I need them.
     I received lots of hanging baskets from the Kids for Mother's Day, and I bought flowers to plant in all my pots. So it looks like Spring Summer is under way.
    Kitty and Jack and Dave are fine, Jack wanted to wear shorts today but I talked him out it. They were to small for him.