Saturday, May 13, 2017

I asked Kitty to Turn the Light on.

                            Kitty is very helpful.  And smart. 
                               Been planting a lot of flowers in pots and putting up hanging baskets. I'm the one doing that not kitty, she isn't that smart. Anyway at last the weather seems safe to do the flowers. The kids will all be over tomorrow for Mother's Day. I'm making strawberry short cake, that's all I have to do the kids said. They even brought me the berries. They wanted to take me out to a brunch, but I would rather they all be here.  Been reading a really good book called the "PRACTIVE HOUSE". Lets see, oh, we went to see my Aunt Glenda on Thursday, 102 years old and doing good. Came home with new stuff , she is always giving me things. Favorite is an old brown crock bowl that was at the farm where we both grew up. Went out to  a nice dinner.  Guess that's it for today.