Friday, May 5, 2017

My Redwork Quilts in the upstairs room.

 Washed both of these quilts today. The one on the right my two Aunts and Grandma made in the 1930's  The one on the left Richard's Aunts made. I did the embroideries above the beds, Aunt Glenda did the one in the center. I made the pillows.
     Rain here again today, looks like England around here, really green.
     My Aunt Glenda, she is 102 years old, sent me a big box of books, I have enough reading now for a long time. She still reads all the time herself. We are all a bit amazed by her.
     Oh, this is the other side of the big room upstairs.  It was my girls room when they lived at home, now its my room to keep all my keepsakes, or for company. The other side of the room is a post down from this one.  There is a lot more to the room I just can't get it all in the picture.