Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Cleaning upstairs Today

                                Its a on the cool side today so a good time to be upstairs working. This is a big room, this side has the antique bed, the other side has two twin beds.. Couldn't get it all in the same picture. Anyway washed the bedding, the quilts. You an see kitty up on the pillows sleeping. The bedspread WAS all free of kitty fur. She was just waiting for me to put the bed back together. The quilt on the cedar chest my sister sent me years ago. The one on the bed was made by Richard's Grandma. The bed itself Richard brought home years ago, he was working on a job and the lady said to take it if he wanted it.  I had a mattress made for it, its an odd size. The bed itself is from the 1800's I'm told. I love spring cleaning. Its fun to change things around while doing it and its such a nice feeling when everything is all clean.