Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some Very OLD Books etc.

                               The Pollyanna book is marked 1912. One of my Favorite  books. The one on the right of that is a very old picture album of my relatives from the 1800's. Most of the pictures are tin types.. The little blue one in front is a books of children's prayers. 1913.  The little green book is a very Early copy of Black Beauty.  Those old reading glasses were my Great Grandpa's.
     Nice here today, made a mac Salad this morning and an apple chrisp. probably have a some hot dogs and hamburgers later. See who shows up to eat, never know.
      Thinking about growing some herbs in a big pot this year, but don't know much about that. Also we have a lot of critters that I'm afraid would dig them up as soon as I plant them.