Monday, January 23, 2017

Playing in the Sewing Area.

                I went down to dust the shelves in the sewing area. Its one whole wall of shelves that I have lots of stuff on that I'm pretty sure I need. So took a picture because I have a blog.
          Still mild here today but I guess the cold is coming back with snow this week.  I went for groceries this morning. So now I have to go and stand in front of the fridge and see what sounds good for dinner. I brought up a stack of old magazines this morning and cut out lots of things  for my paper collection.  I have lots of time in the mornings to get things done because kitty wakes me up around six. You think after your kids are grown and gone, that you could sleep in as long as you want, but then you get a Kitty. But that's ok, I like mornings.