Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sorting my Recipes

                        I have been watching to many cooking shows on TV, and ordering new cookbooks, boy they sure have a lot of pretty pictures in them.  I bought, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  The Barefoot Contessa. And Farmhouse Rules.  I was not aware that years ago they called recipes RULES. I know you can go online and get all the recipes you want but there is just something about a book.
    The box on top of the little chest is my recipe box, the little chest I got a long time ago at a garage sale, I keep little silver spoons in there.
         Rain and 50 today, so there goes the snow. Cleaned out the fridge this morning. Besides the reg. housework that is always there, I try and do at least one extra thing. Unless I have had lots of coffee and then anything can happen.  Like ordering cook books.