Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tea and Coffee

                   This is the corner of my kitchen counter for tea and coffee.  The sugar bowl is from my Aunt Glenda. She gave me all her glass red ware. The Tin is from the thrift a while back and its full of all different tea bags. Any cups on the cup hanger are from the kids over time.
         Lots of snow here and cold as it is in a lot of the states. Staying in today. Lots to read, and I was thinking of making up some mail art to send out. Baked chicken for dinner and baked potatoes.
      I'm a morning person , up at about six  or seven and that's when I put in about three hours of housework, then most of the rest of the day putter about. One of my Daughters is a morning person, the other one is a late day person. My son is a morning person and Richard is a morning person. I was pretty sure you all needed to know that.
      That would be it for today.
                                Nancy Jo