Monday, May 29, 2017

Part of My Living Room.

                    After Christmas we had new carpet put in the living room the hall and the computer  room. I can only get this part of the living room in the picture, but you get the idea. The other part of the room has the fireplace the love seat and the rocking chairs.  See now you know.
       Had nice time yesterday at my Daughter 's house. lots of food and great weather. Today its more rain and cooler. Took out a steak to cook later with baked potatoes. If its not raining I will cook it outside, otherwise I will cook it in my cast Iron pan which works really nice.   Been reading a lot. On my third book this week. I'm pretty sure I'm getting smarter, as long as I can remember what I just read.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


                   Been raining all day today, makes everything really green and wet. But that's OK, I'm not about to judge Mother nature.I'm sure she has a plan.
          Been playing house most of the day. reading a lot. We are meeting some friends for dinner later, looking forward to that. Don't have to cook today!  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Edwardian Lady

                       I saw this someplace and so looked it up online and ordered it used. Haven't read it yet but it looks like it will be a good read. It had good reviews. She wrote another book which I think I will get. "The country Diary of and Edwardian Lady". The book in the picture is the story of Edith Holden the author. Also has lots of pictures .
     Warm today and rain, went for a big grocery order with my daughter. Made BLT'S for dinner. Haven't had one of those in a long time.   My outside flowers are all doing great, so pretty after the long winter and late spring.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grandma's old crock bowl

           When we went to visit my Aunt Glenda last week, she is 102, she gave me this Bowl. It would have been her Mothers, so my Grandma.  I remember it always being in the kitchen. Since we were both brought up in the same farm house, we have a lot of the same memories. Anyway I now keep it on my stove with the potholders in it. Aunt Glenda also gave me the yellow bowl sometime ago. I keep a few on my kitchen towels in there. Easy to grab if I need them.
     I received lots of hanging baskets from the Kids for Mother's Day, and I bought flowers to plant in all my pots. So it looks like Spring Summer is under way.
    Kitty and Jack and Dave are fine, Jack wanted to wear shorts today but I talked him out it. They were to small for him.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I asked Kitty to Turn the Light on.

                            Kitty is very helpful.  And smart. 
                               Been planting a lot of flowers in pots and putting up hanging baskets. I'm the one doing that not kitty, she isn't that smart. Anyway at last the weather seems safe to do the flowers. The kids will all be over tomorrow for Mother's Day. I'm making strawberry short cake, that's all I have to do the kids said. They even brought me the berries. They wanted to take me out to a brunch, but I would rather they all be here.  Been reading a really good book called the "PRACTIVE HOUSE". Lets see, oh, we went to see my Aunt Glenda on Thursday, 102 years old and doing good. Came home with new stuff , she is always giving me things. Favorite is an old brown crock bowl that was at the farm where we both grew up. Went out to  a nice dinner.  Guess that's it for today. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Susan Branch Summer Book, etc.

                   I thought it was a good time to remind myself of Summer. Since its cold here , about 45 out and rain. But the bright side is  it won't last long , and everything is such a bright green.
       Just made some oatmeal choc. chip cookies with pecans. Went down and stared in the freezer trying to think what to have for dinner, decided on a steak for Richard, I don't eat to much meat, so I just have a few bites of his.  Thought you needed to know that. Kitty is fine, running around here like there is some kind of emergency. Jack and Dave want to go outside but I told them not yet, so they are sleeping.  

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Redwork Quilts in the upstairs room.

 Washed both of these quilts today. The one on the right my two Aunts and Grandma made in the 1930's  The one on the left Richard's Aunts made. I did the embroideries above the beds, Aunt Glenda did the one in the center. I made the pillows.
     Rain here again today, looks like England around here, really green.
     My Aunt Glenda, she is 102 years old, sent me a big box of books, I have enough reading now for a long time. She still reads all the time herself. We are all a bit amazed by her.
     Oh, this is the other side of the big room upstairs.  It was my girls room when they lived at home, now its my room to keep all my keepsakes, or for company. The other side of the room is a post down from this one.  There is a lot more to the room I just can't get it all in the picture.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Cleaning upstairs Today

                                Its a on the cool side today so a good time to be upstairs working. This is a big room, this side has the antique bed, the other side has two twin beds.. Couldn't get it all in the same picture. Anyway washed the bedding, the quilts. You an see kitty up on the pillows sleeping. The bedspread WAS all free of kitty fur. She was just waiting for me to put the bed back together. The quilt on the cedar chest my sister sent me years ago. The one on the bed was made by Richard's Grandma. The bed itself Richard brought home years ago, he was working on a job and the lady said to take it if he wanted it.  I had a mattress made for it, its an odd size. The bed itself is from the 1800's I'm told. I love spring cleaning. Its fun to change things around while doing it and its such a nice feeling when everything is all clean.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Books I will be reading

                    Just got these books this week. About half through" State of Wonder." Good read. you can look these up on Amazon to see what they are about. Other wise I would be typing all day. The others here I haven't read yet. Hoping for the best because I  love a good book.
     Rain and high winds here today, curtains are blowing out and Kitty is under the couch pillow.
        Made a roast pork yesterday and had pork Sandwiches today with apple pie.  GOOD! I think  I liked that better then the dinner yesterday. Guess I better get my jammies on and get my book and watch the curtains in my bedroom windows  go crazy while I read.