Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Heidi and Anne of Green Gables

                A couple of my old Children's Books. Heidi is a copyright 1921. The little doll I got at a garage sale , and the bookmark was a Christmas gift from my third  grade teacher. She gave one to everyone in the class. I wonder if anyone else still has theirs?  The Anne Book is older then I thought. ITS A 1935 Copy.  I love books, I look for them whenever I'm at garage sales of Church sales, order them online. I would be lost without a book to read.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some Very OLD Books etc.

                               The Pollyanna book is marked 1912. One of my Favorite  books. The one on the right of that is a very old picture album of my relatives from the 1800's. Most of the pictures are tin types.. The little blue one in front is a books of children's prayers. 1913.  The little green book is a very Early copy of Black Beauty.  Those old reading glasses were my Great Grandpa's.
     Nice here today, made a mac Salad this morning and an apple chrisp. probably have a some hot dogs and hamburgers later. See who shows up to eat, never know.
      Thinking about growing some herbs in a big pot this year, but don't know much about that. Also we have a lot of critters that I'm afraid would dig them up as soon as I plant them.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter Decorations.

                               These are a  few of my Easter decorations. some are from Richard's Aunts. The little lamb cup was mine when I was little.  I will be putting these on the table and others I have around the house for tomorrow when the family will all be here. 70's here today, but looks like rain later today and tomorrow. Maybe we will get lucky and can be outside on the deck tomorrow as well as inside.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Easter Gifts From Denise

                               Well a package that didn't come from Amazon!!  Its' from Denise. Look at all the nicest spring and Easter things.  Now the pink Glitter rabbit I will have on my Easter Table on Sunday. The cup will be my morning coffee cup, so cute with the little chicks on it. The little wood water can. The bird house stick, I will put in one of my plants. The kitchen towel will go in my bowl on the kitchen counter with the other pretty ones. The soap smells sooo good, I just might put that in with the towels.  See all those little garden tools? I put those on the towel so you could see them?  They are all tin and I will find a cut place to hang them.  Thank you Denise. So nice of you and what a surprise in the mail Love it!!!!
                                   Nancy Jo 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wacky Christmas Cactus and stuff.

                       I guess my plant is a bit mixed up. Way past Christmas and I get flowers.  That's OK, I'll take flowers anytime I can get them.
          Went to the Library this morning and got six books, I buy the used ones. Three dollars for all of them. Keep me busy for a while.
       Getting ready for Easter, probably a house full, maybe 10 to 14 for dinner. Looks like mild weather so that will be nice.
       Having Chicken for dinner today, salad, and mac and cheese.  In case you need to know that.
          Took care of most of the winter clothes yesterday, that's always a good feeling. Looks like the leaves will pop on the trees this week., lots of buds.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Not Now I'm Busy, and "The Lake House?"

                       I guess I'm not allowed to take pictures while she's is playing. picky picky!
               Getting ready for Easter, well I made out a list anyway. I think that counts. Sunshine here today and warmer temps for the coming week, had snow yesterday.  Just started reading THE LAKE HOUSE. Did anyone read that? Wondering if its worth my time.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A little Bit of Easter and Spring cleaning

         My Kitchen window in the evening.  Now it does look nicer in the sunshine but you know . I wasn't there with my camera then. Anyway------ except for the snow they are calling for this Friday then in the 60's and 70's for the first of the week I look forward to spring.  All the family coming here for Easter. I bought the ham today. 
     Washed  all the curtains in the back entry way this morning. That's four windows done. Going to do the computer room tomorrow then the other rooms etc. for the next few days. The vets came yesterday and picked up three bags and three boxes. So getting spring cleaning under way.  Made a big chicken salad for dinner today, and a carrot cake. So then I can take my shower and my book and go to bed. OH BOY!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jack and Dave have a new friend.

                     Jack seems happy about sharing their chair with Kitty, but Dave seems  a little out of sorts. You can tell by the look on Jack's face that he is not a serious thinker.