Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cutter quilt pillow and wool stocking, from Miss Wilma

                             A great lady in KY. Miss Wilma sent me many things over the years. This is just two of the things. She sent me a piece of an old quilt and I made this pillow. And she made that  cute little wool Stocking. I keep it out year around. I thought that was such a cute idea to use real wool to make a stocking. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

More from the Sewing Room.

                                First of all , see the pretty folder that Becky made for me awhile back. Just too cute. Got lots of good stuff inside too.
                  These things are on shelves above my sewing machine, which is why I call it the sewing room. The thing is I don't sew. Oh I can make pillows and bags, what ever works with a straight stitch. Needless to say I have a lot of pillows. Oh yea, I make hand embroidered pin cushions. There is one in the picture. So no matter where you go in my house you can probably find one of those.
     House is all out of order, getting new carpet and furniture for the living room. So everything that was in the living room is in another room. Kitty is very confused.  Should be back in order next week.
      Snow here this morning.
                                         Nancy Jo

Monday, January 23, 2017

Playing in the Sewing Area.

                I went down to dust the shelves in the sewing area. Its one whole wall of shelves that I have lots of stuff on that I'm pretty sure I need. So took a picture because I have a blog.
          Still mild here today but I guess the cold is coming back with snow this week.  I went for groceries this morning. So now I have to go and stand in front of the fridge and see what sounds good for dinner. I brought up a stack of old magazines this morning and cut out lots of things  for my paper collection.  I have lots of time in the mornings to get things done because kitty wakes me up around six. You think after your kids are grown and gone, that you could sleep in as long as you want, but then you get a Kitty. But that's ok, I like mornings.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


                              I thought a little light reading after all the Bronte girl's books. Which I really liked reading, But being as how they were written in the 1800's the speech pattern is different. have to think a little harder while reading.
      See the little bell in the picture? That was in my Uncle's grocery store in the 1950's. He would be off stocking shelves or whatever and if someone was ready to check out they would ring the bell. Can you imagine leaving the cash register these days?
     Well off to play house, my favorite thing.
                                 Nancy Jo

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Little chest covered with paper cutouts.

                 I made this a few years ago. Its fun to do, in fact maybe I will think of something else to paper. I know the word is DECOPAGE, but I don't know the spelling for sure. Better look that up. I did all sides of this except the bottom. Just white glue and a paint brush. Put the glue in a bowl added a Little water and TA- DA. I can't remember for sure, but I probably went over the whole thing when I was done with another coat of glue. I have a picnic basket that I did too, I will show later.
                        LOOK I MADE BY BLOG PINK. Is that a good thing?

Monday, January 16, 2017


                  This is just a small showing of all the paper  pieces that I have. There are three hat boxes. One is paper dolls, one is Christmas, and one of everything else. I think I just like cutting things out.
     Cold here today but no snow. Had two feet about a week ago but all gone now.
        The book I'm reading now is "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall". By Anne Bronte. I finished "Wuthering Heights" by her sister Emily Bronte, and I had read "Jane Eyre", by Charlotte Bronte. So I think I was fair to the Bronte girls.
        Ok, that would be it for today.
                                       Nancy Jo

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sorting my Recipes

                        I have been watching to many cooking shows on TV, and ordering new cookbooks, boy they sure have a lot of pretty pictures in them.  I bought, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  The Barefoot Contessa. And Farmhouse Rules.  I was not aware that years ago they called recipes RULES. I know you can go online and get all the recipes you want but there is just something about a book.
    The box on top of the little chest is my recipe box, the little chest I got a long time ago at a garage sale, I keep little silver spoons in there.
         Rain and 50 today, so there goes the snow. Cleaned out the fridge this morning. Besides the reg. housework that is always there, I try and do at least one extra thing. Unless I have had lots of coffee and then anything can happen.  Like ordering cook books.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tea and Coffee

                   This is the corner of my kitchen counter for tea and coffee.  The sugar bowl is from my Aunt Glenda. She gave me all her glass red ware. The Tin is from the thrift a while back and its full of all different tea bags. Any cups on the cup hanger are from the kids over time.
         Lots of snow here and cold as it is in a lot of the states. Staying in today. Lots to read, and I was thinking of making up some mail art to send out. Baked chicken for dinner and baked potatoes.
      I'm a morning person , up at about six  or seven and that's when I put in about three hours of housework, then most of the rest of the day putter about. One of my Daughters is a morning person, the other one is a late day person. My son is a morning person and Richard is a morning person. I was pretty sure you all needed to know that.
      That would be it for today.
                                Nancy Jo

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Kitty watching it Snow and the thrift.

                    Kitty sits in this window, well any window that she can fit in. This could have something to do with the high heating bills, she likes the windows to be opened. This is one spoiled Kitty.
          Looks like the next few days we will be getting lots of snow, and they say 50 mile per hour wind gusts.
      Went to the thrift yesterday, haven't been there in a while. I got a  really pretty little crystal vase. A new salt and pepper set, and three blouses. Washed and Ironed those this morning, the blouses not the vase and salt and pepper set. Those I put in the dishwasher. Also a nice collection of cards to put in my writing basket.
        Guess I will make ravioli with Moz. cheese on for dinner. That's easy. Maybe a fruit salad.
                                           Nancy Jo