Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Taking A Blogging Break

                        Thought I would take  a bit of a break from Blogging. All fine here, just the fun of warm weather and so much going on. It takes me a good part of the day just to water an take care of all my flowers. HA. Then there is Kitty, in and out it seems every few minutes. And Richard and all the kids and our friends that we want to have down for summer food etc. Sooo a bit of  time off. Back Soon.
                                              Nancy Jo 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Some Books That I just Read

                            These were all pretty good. I still have a good size pile to read. But that's a good thing. Hate to be without a book to read.
                Hot here the last few days. Going to pick up my daughter pretty soon and get groceries. Look for something good to cook on the grill.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Something Good In the Mail

                     My sister in law and Brother sent this to me. ISN'T IT CUTE? I think I will plant an ivy in it. I will get a small pot that fits in there and can't be seen, and the ivy can grow out the spout and around the handle.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Great weather for all my flowers etc.

                                 Everything I planted or bought is really doing good this year. A good amount of rain and sun. And my trusty watering can. This is a little corner of my back deck.
                     Going out to Amish country this Sat. My daughter and son in law have a cabin out there. Most of the family will be going. Kind of a Father's Day event. Us girls will probably do a little Amish shopping.  Then lots of good food back at the cabin.
      Been reading a lot as usual. I will post a  picture soon of some of the books I have been reading.
        O'k I'm going now.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Kitty on the Hunt etc.

                       Kitty loves being outside, chases anything that moves.  Right now she is laying here on the desk helping me type as usual.
              Warm and windy today. I made a pineapple upside down cake this morning. will probably have hot dogs and salad for dinner.
       Been reading an old Taylor Caldwell  book, " A Prologue To Love". She wrote a lot of good books. Then I have about six other books on my table waiting to be read.
         So windy the last few days that I go out and water all my plants at least twice a day. But that's OK I love being outside. I was out at six this morning, so nice out then, I love the mornings.
     Nothing else new, kids are in and out as usual, Richard's cousin Jack comes down almost every Sunday for a visit. In fact I just gave him a piece of cake. So ok I'm going now.
                                                                                                        Nancy Jo

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


                           I didn't make these, they were made by a friend a long time ago. Always thought it was a cute way to use buttons.
                      On my way down to stare at the freezer and decide what to make for dinner . Looks like we looking at summer weather, been pretty cool these last couple of weeks.  So maybe something for the grill would be a good idea.
       Reading a lot as usual, so many books out there!!!  Well off to take everything off the bed and flip the mattress, my back has been acting up and that usually means time to turn the mattress. Kitty is sitting here trying  to help me type, she is not to good at it. She stands on the keys then I have to make corrections.

Monday, June 5, 2017

China Cupboard.

                            This is a collection of things from family and from thrift stores. The cups and saucers were given to me as I was growing up. My Aunt Fern, who was my Grandma's sister always gave me a cup and saucer for my Birthday. I like that old valentine Box on top, its pretty old. The three old pitchers were made in Germany.
        Been cool here this week, next week looks like summer, looking forward to that!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beautiful Doll From Becky

                           My Mail Day today was pretty exciting. A big box with this beautiful doll waiting inside. She said she had a nice trip here but is glad to be out of the box.  Isn't she pretty, and because the Doll is from Becky, I will name her Becky.  She is holding a muff and you can't see it but a full slip under the dress, which is why the dress stands out so nice. And of course her hooded cape.
         Thank you Becky, what a nice gift.
                                                                      Nancy Jo

Monday, May 29, 2017

Part of My Living Room.

                    After Christmas we had new carpet put in the living room the hall and the computer  room. I can only get this part of the living room in the picture, but you get the idea. The other part of the room has the fireplace the love seat and the rocking chairs.  See now you know.
       Had nice time yesterday at my Daughter 's house. lots of food and great weather. Today its more rain and cooler. Took out a steak to cook later with baked potatoes. If its not raining I will cook it outside, otherwise I will cook it in my cast Iron pan which works really nice.   Been reading a lot. On my third book this week. I'm pretty sure I'm getting smarter, as long as I can remember what I just read.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


                   Been raining all day today, makes everything really green and wet. But that's OK, I'm not about to judge Mother nature.I'm sure she has a plan.
          Been playing house most of the day. reading a lot. We are meeting some friends for dinner later, looking forward to that. Don't have to cook today!  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Edwardian Lady

                       I saw this someplace and so looked it up online and ordered it used. Haven't read it yet but it looks like it will be a good read. It had good reviews. She wrote another book which I think I will get. "The country Diary of and Edwardian Lady". The book in the picture is the story of Edith Holden the author. Also has lots of pictures .
     Warm today and rain, went for a big grocery order with my daughter. Made BLT'S for dinner. Haven't had one of those in a long time.   My outside flowers are all doing great, so pretty after the long winter and late spring.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grandma's old crock bowl

           When we went to visit my Aunt Glenda last week, she is 102, she gave me this Bowl. It would have been her Mothers, so my Grandma.  I remember it always being in the kitchen. Since we were both brought up in the same farm house, we have a lot of the same memories. Anyway I now keep it on my stove with the potholders in it. Aunt Glenda also gave me the yellow bowl sometime ago. I keep a few on my kitchen towels in there. Easy to grab if I need them.
     I received lots of hanging baskets from the Kids for Mother's Day, and I bought flowers to plant in all my pots. So it looks like Spring Summer is under way.
    Kitty and Jack and Dave are fine, Jack wanted to wear shorts today but I talked him out it. They were to small for him.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I asked Kitty to Turn the Light on.

                            Kitty is very helpful.  And smart. 
                               Been planting a lot of flowers in pots and putting up hanging baskets. I'm the one doing that not kitty, she isn't that smart. Anyway at last the weather seems safe to do the flowers. The kids will all be over tomorrow for Mother's Day. I'm making strawberry short cake, that's all I have to do the kids said. They even brought me the berries. They wanted to take me out to a brunch, but I would rather they all be here.  Been reading a really good book called the "PRACTIVE HOUSE". Lets see, oh, we went to see my Aunt Glenda on Thursday, 102 years old and doing good. Came home with new stuff , she is always giving me things. Favorite is an old brown crock bowl that was at the farm where we both grew up. Went out to  a nice dinner.  Guess that's it for today. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Susan Branch Summer Book, etc.

                   I thought it was a good time to remind myself of Summer. Since its cold here , about 45 out and rain. But the bright side is  it won't last long , and everything is such a bright green.
       Just made some oatmeal choc. chip cookies with pecans. Went down and stared in the freezer trying to think what to have for dinner, decided on a steak for Richard, I don't eat to much meat, so I just have a few bites of his.  Thought you needed to know that. Kitty is fine, running around here like there is some kind of emergency. Jack and Dave want to go outside but I told them not yet, so they are sleeping.  

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Redwork Quilts in the upstairs room.

 Washed both of these quilts today. The one on the right my two Aunts and Grandma made in the 1930's  The one on the left Richard's Aunts made. I did the embroideries above the beds, Aunt Glenda did the one in the center. I made the pillows.
     Rain here again today, looks like England around here, really green.
     My Aunt Glenda, she is 102 years old, sent me a big box of books, I have enough reading now for a long time. She still reads all the time herself. We are all a bit amazed by her.
     Oh, this is the other side of the big room upstairs.  It was my girls room when they lived at home, now its my room to keep all my keepsakes, or for company. The other side of the room is a post down from this one.  There is a lot more to the room I just can't get it all in the picture.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Cleaning upstairs Today

                                Its a on the cool side today so a good time to be upstairs working. This is a big room, this side has the antique bed, the other side has two twin beds.. Couldn't get it all in the same picture. Anyway washed the bedding, the quilts. You an see kitty up on the pillows sleeping. The bedspread WAS all free of kitty fur. She was just waiting for me to put the bed back together. The quilt on the cedar chest my sister sent me years ago. The one on the bed was made by Richard's Grandma. The bed itself Richard brought home years ago, he was working on a job and the lady said to take it if he wanted it.  I had a mattress made for it, its an odd size. The bed itself is from the 1800's I'm told. I love spring cleaning. Its fun to change things around while doing it and its such a nice feeling when everything is all clean.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Books I will be reading

                    Just got these books this week. About half through" State of Wonder." Good read. you can look these up on Amazon to see what they are about. Other wise I would be typing all day. The others here I haven't read yet. Hoping for the best because I  love a good book.
     Rain and high winds here today, curtains are blowing out and Kitty is under the couch pillow.
        Made a roast pork yesterday and had pork Sandwiches today with apple pie.  GOOD! I think  I liked that better then the dinner yesterday. Guess I better get my jammies on and get my book and watch the curtains in my bedroom windows  go crazy while I read.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Heidi and Anne of Green Gables

                A couple of my old Children's Books. Heidi is a copyright 1921. The little doll I got at a garage sale , and the bookmark was a Christmas gift from my third  grade teacher. She gave one to everyone in the class. I wonder if anyone else still has theirs?  The Anne Book is older then I thought. ITS A 1935 Copy.  I love books, I look for them whenever I'm at garage sales of Church sales, order them online. I would be lost without a book to read.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some Very OLD Books etc.

                               The Pollyanna book is marked 1912. One of my Favorite  books. The one on the right of that is a very old picture album of my relatives from the 1800's. Most of the pictures are tin types.. The little blue one in front is a books of children's prayers. 1913.  The little green book is a very Early copy of Black Beauty.  Those old reading glasses were my Great Grandpa's.
     Nice here today, made a mac Salad this morning and an apple chrisp. probably have a some hot dogs and hamburgers later. See who shows up to eat, never know.
      Thinking about growing some herbs in a big pot this year, but don't know much about that. Also we have a lot of critters that I'm afraid would dig them up as soon as I plant them.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter Decorations.

                               These are a  few of my Easter decorations. some are from Richard's Aunts. The little lamb cup was mine when I was little.  I will be putting these on the table and others I have around the house for tomorrow when the family will all be here. 70's here today, but looks like rain later today and tomorrow. Maybe we will get lucky and can be outside on the deck tomorrow as well as inside.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Easter Gifts From Denise

                               Well a package that didn't come from Amazon!!  Its' from Denise. Look at all the nicest spring and Easter things.  Now the pink Glitter rabbit I will have on my Easter Table on Sunday. The cup will be my morning coffee cup, so cute with the little chicks on it. The little wood water can. The bird house stick, I will put in one of my plants. The kitchen towel will go in my bowl on the kitchen counter with the other pretty ones. The soap smells sooo good, I just might put that in with the towels.  See all those little garden tools? I put those on the towel so you could see them?  They are all tin and I will find a cut place to hang them.  Thank you Denise. So nice of you and what a surprise in the mail Love it!!!!
                                   Nancy Jo 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wacky Christmas Cactus and stuff.

                       I guess my plant is a bit mixed up. Way past Christmas and I get flowers.  That's OK, I'll take flowers anytime I can get them.
          Went to the Library this morning and got six books, I buy the used ones. Three dollars for all of them. Keep me busy for a while.
       Getting ready for Easter, probably a house full, maybe 10 to 14 for dinner. Looks like mild weather so that will be nice.
       Having Chicken for dinner today, salad, and mac and cheese.  In case you need to know that.
          Took care of most of the winter clothes yesterday, that's always a good feeling. Looks like the leaves will pop on the trees this week., lots of buds.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Not Now I'm Busy, and "The Lake House?"

                       I guess I'm not allowed to take pictures while she's is playing. picky picky!
               Getting ready for Easter, well I made out a list anyway. I think that counts. Sunshine here today and warmer temps for the coming week, had snow yesterday.  Just started reading THE LAKE HOUSE. Did anyone read that? Wondering if its worth my time.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A little Bit of Easter and Spring cleaning

         My Kitchen window in the evening.  Now it does look nicer in the sunshine but you know . I wasn't there with my camera then. Anyway------ except for the snow they are calling for this Friday then in the 60's and 70's for the first of the week I look forward to spring.  All the family coming here for Easter. I bought the ham today. 
     Washed  all the curtains in the back entry way this morning. That's four windows done. Going to do the computer room tomorrow then the other rooms etc. for the next few days. The vets came yesterday and picked up three bags and three boxes. So getting spring cleaning under way.  Made a big chicken salad for dinner today, and a carrot cake. So then I can take my shower and my book and go to bed. OH BOY!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jack and Dave have a new friend.

                     Jack seems happy about sharing their chair with Kitty, but Dave seems  a little out of sorts. You can tell by the look on Jack's face that he is not a serious thinker.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


                   That little old crock bowl my sister gave me years ago. I try and use my favorite things for something, so I filled the bowl with little tags and other small papers. Great for making cards etc. The jar is filled with bows and flowers and other little fabric do dads. I guess if you click on the picture you can see it better, you know if you want to.
     Milder here this week, we were sitting on the deck on Sunday, My youngest daughter and her husband came for dinner and we cooked on the grill. It was about 65 out. Really looking forward to leaves on the trees and flowers.  I went to the library yesterday and bought three new books to read. .50 cents each.  Got a whole chicken in the oven, so lots of ways to use chicken for the next few day. I really have to stop watching the cooking shows on TV.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Little Mini Apron

                    Isn't this cute? "Kat mom", Grace sent this to me. the leather fringe the little hankie and the boot. Just too cute! Thank you Grace.  We are members of the "Mary Jane Farmgirl's" site. So many great women there and Grace is one of them.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Promotional Northern Girl Prints from 1959

       I have had these for years. I remember sending something to the Northern company and then they set these prints. I had a few others but don't know what happened to them. These used to hand in my bedroom at home.  They are now in my upstairs room where I keep a lot of my favorite things.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Old Chamber Pot

                       I have three of these with lids. This is the only one that is colored.  I remember when I lived at home on the farm, we had 7 bedrooms, there were pots under most of the beds. Kind of strange since we had a really nice bathroom. The farm was built in the 1850's so maybe they were left over from a past generation.  Anyway I got the ones I have now from garage sales or the thrift store, I don't remember.  Thrust me they were bleached and washed really really good. I won't be buying anymore, in fact I might just keep this one. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A lovely box of Easter spring gifts

                      Received this today from Lisa, A Mary Jane farm girl. For those who don't know what that is, its a group of women, an online site. You can find it just google Mary Jane Butters.  Anyway Thank you Lisa for such a nice  trade. We have swaps on the site often, and send each other things. We all love getting a surprise in the mail.  I love the little salt and pepper set. Thank you again Lisa!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Antique Purses and oil lamps.

                These are in my upstairs room. Most all these things are either from the thrift store or family. A couple are from Farm girl friends. Kitty goes up here every morning for her nap. As soon as I get the Hoover out she heads upstairs.
      Cold and windy here today, sure will be happy to see some pretty flower and feel those warm summer winds.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Made for my wedding 52 years ago.

                   A friend of my Grandma's made this for me when I got married almost 52 years ago. I was looking in my cedar chest this morning and thought she  might  like to come out of there for a while.
      Really windy here today, Richard goes outside every hour or so and picks up limbs and sticks. I watch out the window. Just trying to help.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beautiful Ivy Plants

                 I was at Lowe's this morning and saw these Ivy Plants and knew right where I could put them if I brought them home. So I did. They are in my back entry way on my old sewing machine. The plant in the middle I had, and as you can see it needed company.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Love My cast Iron Frying Pan

                              Why I waited all these years to buy one, well I bought two. I can't believe how nice they work. Fried up some Chicken this morning, Made cheese burgers last night, and last week made a nice ham chowder. I thought they would be really hard to clean up. But not so. We always used them on the farm, so I don't know what I was thinking in not using them again. So there you have it, a picture of a frying  Pan.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


                   My plants are always happy this time of day because the sun is real strong on this side of the kitchen.
                  Also those are a few of my wood spoons and the rolling pin was my great Grandma's, its dated 1898 and was made by her husband, my Great Grandpa. They lived at the farm where I grew up. Of course I never new them, but I do have a few of their Diaries.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sampler replaced Mirror

                      This is in my upstairs room. Its a dressing table. I took the really pretty mirror off and put it in the living room. So then I have this  big empty spot, so I put a sampler I made years ago in that empty stop. The ribbons hanging down are from a big straw hat that is up above. Also on the dressing table are a few of my old little planter head girls, can't think that you would get much of a plant in them, don't know what else they would have been for? 
        Nice and warm here today, think we broke a record, its about 70, usually would have more snow then we would know what to do with. But that's ok, really enjoyed the day. Richard and I were out side for a long time today.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Old handmade candle holders

                    My Aunt Glenda, who is almost 102 years old now gave me these candle holders. she said my uncle made them years ago. They are in my upstairs room.  The pitcher and Bowl I got at the thrift store a few years ago.  The picture is me and my two oldest kids many years ago.

Friday, February 17, 2017

A Few Books in my Sewing area.

                         Been organizing all week. I think its a winter thing, can't get outside to much so find extra things to do. The book on top my Aunt Glenda gave me. Its from the 1940's. She thought it would help me to crochet and knit. It has lots of patterns and helpful info.  I have to say I think I need more help then that book. .
             I haven't done any embroidery for a while, thought I might start something today. That is if I can stop going through drawers and closets and craft stuff.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A People and Their Quilts

                        This is a really nice book. They visit old homes and talk with lots of women, there are lots of old photos and homestead pictures, and of course pictures of old quilts.  The Woman on the front cover is Opal Hatmaker,{don't you love that name?] She is from a coal mining section of Anderson county Tennessee. She was one of 13 Children. So lots of interesting reading in this book. 214 pages.  It was written in 1984.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cast Iron Pan and cookbook

                          The Cast Iron pan and cookbook came yesterday.. Looking forward to using it. We had a lot of these pans when I was growing up on the farm, but for some reason I haven't had any since then. The lodge is the oldest cast Iron company in the US. So if I decide I really like using these kinds of pans again I may order some other sizes. The one in the picture is a ten inch. I was surprised at the cost. I thought they would be a lot more. This one was about 16 dollars. It will probably last longer then me.
     I made a white cake today and cream cheese frosting.  I think I may have gotten carried away testing the frosting, feel a bit over sweet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dave is trying to teach Jack about Bears in the wild.

                             Dave is always trying to teach Jack new things but its not easy. It seem while Dave was trying to point out how Bears live in the wild, not in a soft chair in the computer room, Jack was pretty sure the ceiling was more interesting.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Recipe Folder

                      I had to make something yesterday so I made this. I watch some of the cooking shows on the food network and when I see a recipe that I'm pretty sure I need I print it off. Or something from a magazine or the paper. Well until I try it and see if I like it I will keep it in this folder, then if I do like it I will copy it off on a recipe card for my recipe box. They always look so good on TV, except that I seem to have only two of the ingredients  out of the ten needed.  So that's it for today.

Friday, February 3, 2017

More From the sewing Room.

                               I have been down in the sewing room more then usual, just going through everything, packing up lots of stuff for the Amvets.  My living room is still not in order, The new carpet is in and I really like it, but the new furniture won't be here until Monday the 6th.  So I have been playing in other parts of the house.  In the picture that's an old milk jug, has a tin top with the thread in. The little sampler I made a few years ago. That's one piece of my Aunt's Milk glass that she left me, I have several nice pieces. I have been lucky to receive so many things from my family and Richards.
    Cold here and some snow. I don't think I will be going anywhere today. I will just keep sorting and I have a new book to start reading. And I think its a pot roast day.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cutter quilt pillow and wool stocking, from Miss Wilma

                             A great lady in KY. Miss Wilma sent me many things over the years. This is just two of the things. She sent me a piece of an old quilt and I made this pillow. And she made that  cute little wool Stocking. I keep it out year around. I thought that was such a cute idea to use real wool to make a stocking. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

More from the Sewing Room.

                                First of all , see the pretty folder that Becky made for me awhile back. Just too cute. Got lots of good stuff inside too.
                  These things are on shelves above my sewing machine, which is why I call it the sewing room. The thing is I don't sew. Oh I can make pillows and bags, what ever works with a straight stitch. Needless to say I have a lot of pillows. Oh yea, I make hand embroidered pin cushions. There is one in the picture. So no matter where you go in my house you can probably find one of those.
     House is all out of order, getting new carpet and furniture for the living room. So everything that was in the living room is in another room. Kitty is very confused.  Should be back in order next week.
      Snow here this morning.
                                         Nancy Jo

Monday, January 23, 2017

Playing in the Sewing Area.

                I went down to dust the shelves in the sewing area. Its one whole wall of shelves that I have lots of stuff on that I'm pretty sure I need. So took a picture because I have a blog.
          Still mild here today but I guess the cold is coming back with snow this week.  I went for groceries this morning. So now I have to go and stand in front of the fridge and see what sounds good for dinner. I brought up a stack of old magazines this morning and cut out lots of things  for my paper collection.  I have lots of time in the mornings to get things done because kitty wakes me up around six. You think after your kids are grown and gone, that you could sleep in as long as you want, but then you get a Kitty. But that's ok, I like mornings.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


                              I thought a little light reading after all the Bronte girl's books. Which I really liked reading, But being as how they were written in the 1800's the speech pattern is different. have to think a little harder while reading.
      See the little bell in the picture? That was in my Uncle's grocery store in the 1950's. He would be off stocking shelves or whatever and if someone was ready to check out they would ring the bell. Can you imagine leaving the cash register these days?
     Well off to play house, my favorite thing.
                                 Nancy Jo

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Little chest covered with paper cutouts.

                 I made this a few years ago. Its fun to do, in fact maybe I will think of something else to paper. I know the word is DECOPAGE, but I don't know the spelling for sure. Better look that up. I did all sides of this except the bottom. Just white glue and a paint brush. Put the glue in a bowl added a Little water and TA- DA. I can't remember for sure, but I probably went over the whole thing when I was done with another coat of glue. I have a picnic basket that I did too, I will show later.
                        LOOK I MADE BY BLOG PINK. Is that a good thing?

Monday, January 16, 2017


                  This is just a small showing of all the paper  pieces that I have. There are three hat boxes. One is paper dolls, one is Christmas, and one of everything else. I think I just like cutting things out.
     Cold here today but no snow. Had two feet about a week ago but all gone now.
        The book I'm reading now is "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall". By Anne Bronte. I finished "Wuthering Heights" by her sister Emily Bronte, and I had read "Jane Eyre", by Charlotte Bronte. So I think I was fair to the Bronte girls.
        Ok, that would be it for today.
                                       Nancy Jo