Saturday, December 31, 2016


             Gotta wonder what little hands played with these. I got them at a yard sale a few years ago. This women  had some very old pieces of furniture and lots of other really interesting things. She had just come from New York city on the Hudson. Lots of old estates there. She said it was her aunts house and she had to take everything out of there.  I got these old blocks and a big wood dough bowl. Wish I would have bought more.
     Reading WUTHERING HEIGHTS.  I saw the movie a long time ago but never read the book. Written by Emily Bronte in 1847. Not a fast read because of the way they spoke.
    Also tea staining a few old dollies.  I can always find something to do. I also just had a piece of candy that was very good. Maybe that's one thing I shouldn't have found to do.