Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Santa and nine Raindeer

                   I get this out every year. My Aunt Glenda made this years ago and had it on her mantle for many years and then gave it to me. She is 101 years old now. She was here yesterday for the day, we had a nice visit, had lunch and dinner, she had a couple of cocktails before dinner, she was all dressed up for the Holidays.  We are not sure how she keeps going.
       Going to see Richards sister today, she is in a nursing home, has been she had a stroke when she was only in her forties. Taking some presents and candy etc. 
         Kitty is running around here this morning like she has had to much coffee. Every toy she has is in the hall, and she had been on the coffee table shooting hard candy out of the dish and unto the floor, and on the back of a chair trying to eat a hanging plant. She should be taking her six hour nap pretty soon.
   Well off to so housework, and pick up kitties toys.