Thursday, December 15, 2016

85 million stitches

                                     That's what it felt like by the time I finished this. I think I will just read for awhile. I got three new books this week so I'm good to go. I put this down in the basement sewing room,{I don't really sew} but there is a sewing machine there, plus family room, but we are usually upstairs, plus lots of my finds, so its a pretty room.. Oh KITTY sleeps down there during the day on the couch with a nice quilt. So see it does get used.  I just didn't want to see that pillow again for awhile.
               Cold and snow here, but that's to be expected. I think its 10 out this morning. I'm staying home. Lets see dinner today is going to be, broiled fish, mashed potatoes, some veg. Not sure yet about dessert.  I think that's all the breaking news this morning.