Monday, December 12, 2016

Hand Made Santa

                              A friend of mine made this Wood Santa for me a few years ago. well actually several years ago. Don't know where the time goes, can't keep up with it.  I don't put a lot of decorations out, but this one always makes a Christmas appearance.  The crock with the ivy in I got also awhile back, either thrift store or garage sale.  Can't remember, which is another thing I'm losing track of. I know where Richard is though, he is in the living room watching the news.
        Rain and snow and sleet today, going to the stores tomorrow to pick up what I will be needing for my youngest daughters Birthday party here tomorrow evening. Not to worry I wrote everything down.  She is not so young anymore, 46 this year. Yippes,   Well I think all is well, I still don't take naps during the day. Not that theirs anything wrong with that.