Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Things around the House

               Got carried away this morning taking pictures of things around the house, so guess that is what I will be posting for awhile. The old cup is filled with cute clothespins with little faces on. I looked them up once and I think they are from the 1940's. The pretty box on the right was a gift from a blogging friend a few years ago. The tin I think was from a garage sale and it was filled with buttons.
       Mild here today, lots of windows opened, changed the sheets, cleaned out the fridge, no more Thanksgiving leftovers.  I'm going to get some new reading glasses this afternoon, its been a few years since I've had my eyes checked. Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Amish Doll for my Birthday

                   I had such a nice Birthday party Sat. the 26th. I received so many nice presents from the kids and friends. This handmade Amish Doll is from my daughter April. They have a cabin in Amish country and  she bought it there. The rocking chair was mine when I was little.
    Had a nice Thanksgiving, had 14 for dinner, so its been a busy few days and enjoyed it all.
            Bright and sunny today, temps still mild for this time of year, in the 40's. Richard put up the outside Christmas lights a few days ago.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Susan Branch Books

                  All three of these books are really a nice read, and with all the colors and drawings  and hand written. She also has a nice blog.
                          Getting everything ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think we will have about 12. I already set the table and made what I could ahead. Looks like we will get some snow tonight, but then rain the rest of the week.  Then its on to Christmas.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cork Board in my Laundry room

        I put this up a few years ago, good place to put things I don't know what to do with , but don't want to throw out. Makes for a bright area near the washer.

Jack and Dave

                    Jack and Dave saw that it was snowing this morning and insisted  getting out their Christmas hats and scarf. I told them it was a little early but its hard to win an argument  with two bears. Notice how Jack has his foot on Dave., Jack is a little silly where Dave is more serious. You can tell by just looking at their faces.
     Made an apple crisp this morning. and a big pot of ham chowder.  Plan on being home all day. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mary Jane Farm Books

                 These are all really nice books. I got them out today to look through them again. Click on the picture and you can see them better. I took about a hundred pictures, this was the best one. They are filled with lots of good info, and beautiful pictures. So one of these might make a nice Christmas gift if someone needs an idea.
        Been stocking up for Thanksgiving, they will all be here. I have one more list for next week. Last year here Thanksgiving was really warm, 60's. Doesn't look like that for this year.

Monday, November 14, 2016


             This is such a nice book, so many pictures of Tasha.  Pictures when she is a child, her parents, then Tasha as a young mother and her four children. Then Tasha with her Grandchildren. Many other nice pictures. I got this book used for just a few dollars. Well worth it. Also lots of written info about her life.
      Her maiden name was Burgess, so was mine. Wouldn't that be funny if we were related?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Library Book Sale

  These are some of the books I got at the Library sale last Saturday. Ran out of room in my upstairs book case so now starting to use the shelves down in the sewing, family, etc. room. I have another new stack up by my chair. So looks like I have enough reading material for awhile.  Books were .25 cents each.
      Chilly here today, leaves all over the place and flying through the air. I think it might be a good idea to have Grilled cheese and Tomato soup for dinner. Pretty tired today, was up late "four AM" watching the election returns.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


                      My Daughter and I went to a church rummage sale yesterday and an estate sale and a book sale at the library. Fun day. I now have lots of what I hope to be good books to read. I got this crock with the flowers for, .25 cents. The church sale prices are always way low. but they make it up in selling sooo much stuff.
     Sunny here today, Richard is outside raking, I made a loaf of cranberry bread, and I bet I end up doing some reading later. I made a BIG rag ball for kitty, she chases it all over. She was getting into mine so I thought she should have one of her own.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall light on the Kitchen

                      The light coming into the kitchen last evening was so pretty I took this picture. This is the far end of the kitchen, and over that counter is the back entry way. There are four windows out there that catch the late afternoon and early evening light.  I always think the light in the fall is so pretty, catches the color of the leaves I think.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pretty papers from the Thrift

                    I found the top three at the thrift. The pink box on the bottom I had, its full of writing paper and stickers etc. Anyway the two on the left are really pretty writing paper. My favorite is the little box of bookplates, 50 of them, and they have a kitty on the chair. I think its from a while ago. There is no "UPC' number on the box.
      Lots of rain here overnight and this morning. Got up and decided to change out the bathroom curtains to some other ones I had in the attic, kitty went up with me and I left her up there sleeping in the curtain box.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Book by Charles Lindbergh's Daughter

                   Got this at the library for .50 cents. Really nice book, love the story. A real look into their family. I also have the book her mother wrote, Gift from the sea.
       See the little birds on the left lower by the book? They are Iron. I got those and several other birds from a friend who died a few years ago. Kitty tries to knock them off when she is on top of the fireplace but they are pretty heavy.